Hand Stretch Film

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  1. Infinity Hand Film
    Infinity Hand Film

    Starting at $13.69

  2. Powerwrap Handstretch Film
    Powerwrap Handstretch Film

    Starting at $13.13

  3. Ultra Wrap Film
    Ultra Wrap Film

    Starting at $14.88

  4. PowerWrap Black
    PowerWrap Black

    Starting at $26.88

  5. Oxo-Biodegradable Stretch Film
    Oxo-Biodegradable Stretch Film

    Starting at $28.25

  6. Clear Blown Stretch Film
    Clear Blown Stretch Film

    Starting at $19.00

  7. Grip Film
    Grip Film

    Starting at $17.88

  8. Black Blown Stretch Film
    Black Blown Stretch Film

    Starting at $20.50

  9. Red Blown Stretch Film
    Red Blown Stretch Film

    Starting at $28.00

  10. White Stretch Film
    White Stretch Film

    Starting at $37.38

  11. UV Resistant Stretch Film
    UV Resistant Stretch Film

    Starting at $32.31

11 Items

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Stabilise Your Loads with Packing Stretch Wrap

If you need to wrap products on pallets and secure them tightly, the team at TigerPak Packaging has you covered. Our stretch wrap wholesale can improve pallet stability and shelf life and increase handling and storage efficiency. In addition, our options can provide protection against dust, moisture, ultraviolet rays and tampering for peace of mind. Whether you need clear blown stretch film for irregular loads with sharp edges, or perforated stretch film for maximum ventilation, our stretch film suppliers are confident that you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Our Available Packing Stretch Wrap Options

Our wrapping film suppliers have no shortage of packing stretch wrap products for you to choose from. We take pride in our ability to provide stretch film wholesale for a wide range of clients who need assurances that their goods are sufficiently protected and secure. Our stretch film distributor can provide:

  • Black Blown Stretch Film – A tough film suitable for heavy and irregular loads or products with sharp edges. Boasts high puncture resistance and high cling properties.
  • Infinity Hand Film – Lightweight rolls that don’t compromise on strength, allowing for faster and easier wrapping of pallets. Boasts superior reliability and performance.
  • Macro Perforated Stretch Film – Available in hand and machine grade rolls, and useful for when products need ventilation. Allows for better cooling and avoids overheating of goods.
  • Powerwrap Handstretch Film – Known for its excellent holding grip, high transparency, low noise applications, and tear resistance around sharp corners or edges.

Browse our range of stretch film in Sydney and beyond online today, or Contact Us for more information and further assistance.