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  1. Sealed Air Cryovac Shrink Film
    Sealed Air Cryovac Shrink Film

    Starting at $215.60

  2. White PE Shrink Film
    White PE Shrink Film

    Starting at $298.75

  3. PVC Shrink Film
    PVC Shrink Film

    Starting at $171.50

  4. POF Shrink Film
    POF Shrink Film

    Starting at $258.25

  5. Clear LDPE Shrink Film
    Clear LDPE Shrink Film

    Starting at $144.00

5 Items

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Superior Quality Wholesale Shrink Wrap Supplies

Shrink wrap can be used for a wide variety of applications – from packaging fresh produce in supermarkets through to wrapping entire stock pallets for security and protection purposes. It’s a multi-purpose packaging material that’s used for containment, security and safety purposes in the manufacturing, retail and transportation industries. Shrink wrap, also known as shrink film, is a polymer plastic that shrinks and secures the item it’s covering when heat is applied with a hand held heat gun. TigerPak Packaging is Sydney’s leading supplier of wholesale shrink film. Our shrink wrap supplies are made to comply with Australian standards and are available in a wide range of options.

Order from the Trusted Shrink Wrap Distributors Today

When you order wholesale shrink wrap supplies from TigerPak Packaging, you can enjoy the benefit of superior quality UV resistance, allowing for safe outdoor and indoor storage. We offer shrink film in LDPE, POF and PVC plastics, in clear and white, and in a variety of sizes for different applications.

As leading shrink wrap suppliers, we provide fast and affordable shipping across the metropolitan area. Plus spend more than $150 + GST on shrink wrap in Sydney and we’ll provide free delivery. Place your order with our shrink wrap distributors via email, phone or fax today.