Green Focus


At TigerPak, we believe we all have a responsibility to do our bit. That’s why we’ve implemented our Green Focus program.

We are committed to providing you with the option of earth friendly products. We are continually sourcing products that don't harm the environment to add to our range. As the program evolves and new products and initiatives are introduced we will ensure you are well informed of the green alternatives. It’s all part of our commitment to our customers and the environment.

We also have an initiative to encourage our customers to be more environmentally responsible. So as you look through this website you will notice our eco logos alongside certain products.

Look for These Icons:

Degradable Products

These are products that will ultimately bio-degrade and help in the subsequent reduction
in soil and ground water contamination.

Recyclable Products

These are products that are easily recycled such as papers and plastics.

Eco TigerTigerPak is Commited to:

  • Comply with all relevant environmental legislation, regulations, planning policies and related initiatives.
  • Set environmental objectives and targets to ensure continuous improvement.
  • Measure, monitor and report on environmental management initiatives.
  • Incorporate environmental better practice into our core business plans and management process.
  • Undertake responsible resource management practices that aim to prevent pollution and reduce waste.
  • Ensure we work closely with our clients, suppliers, and other stakeholders to continually improve our business processes which affect the environment.
  • Explore best practice and innovative environmental management approaches to the use of education, technology and infrastructure.
  • Foster the initiation and ownership of environmental activities by all our staff through education, thereby building a strong environmentally aware business culture.
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