Poly/PET Strapping

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  1. PET Strapping Kit
    PET Strapping Kit

    Starting at $1,062.00

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    Polyester Strapping (PET)
    Polyester Strapping (PET)

    Starting at $92.80

  3. Poly Machine Strap
    Poly Machine Strap

    Starting at $55.30

  4. Poly Hand Strapping
    Poly Hand Strapping

    Starting at $23.50

  5. Poly Strapping Heavy Band
    Poly Strapping Heavy Band

    Starting at $67.30

  6. Strap & Buckle Kit
    Strap & Buckle Kit

    Starting at $28.20

  7. Composite Strapping
    Composite Strapping

    Starting at $165.35

  8. Poly Woven Strapping
    Poly Woven Strapping

    Starting at $170.30

8 Items

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Explore Our Comprehensive Range of Poly Strapping Supplies

An alternative to steel strapping is poly strapping tape. While it may not have the toughness of steel, poly strapping offers enhanced flexibility, enabling loads to settle and expand with changes in temperature as the strapping elongates or constricts to accommodate those movements. The enhanced softness and stretchiness of poly woven strapping means that it’s less durable than steel, but at the same time it’s more cost-effective and easier to handle. For a comprehensive selection of poly strapping supplies for your industrial workplace, get in touch with the professionals at TigerPak Packaging. We’ll help you choose the most appropriate form of strapping for your particular needs.

When is Poly Strapping Tape Suitable?

Not sure whether to choose steel or poly banding supplies for your particular needs? We’d suggest choosing poly strapping if there’s a likelihood of:

  • Your load settling, expanding or contracting during transportation
  • Your load being abrasion sensitive and therefore being reduced in value if it arrives in less than pristine condition
  • Your staff not having the experience to safely and quickly apply or remove the steel bands
  • The load travelling only short distances

Explore our complete range online today to find everything from polypropylene hand strapping to poly strapping tape in a variety of different widths and lengths. For more information on our products, get in touch with us today.