Packaging Bundles

Buy a Convenient All-in-One Packaging Kit

At TigerPak Packaging, we pride ourselves on making it as easy as possible for our customers to get what they need. That’s why we offer a range of convenient all-in-one bundles for different applications, with each option able to be customised with different products depending on your requirements. Browse our packaging kit range today to find everything from a packaging and moving kit through to a workplace essentials kit and more!.

Moving House Kit

If you’re planning on moving house, we offer a house moving kit that bundles together everything you need to pack up your belongings with care. Choose from our range of cartons, packing tapes, tape dispensers, protective packaging options and gloves to build your own convenient packaging and moving kit. With these essential components at your fingertips, you can create a packaging kit that’s tailored to your needs.

Warehouse Setup Kit

Our warehouse setup kit includes a range of must-have supplies to facilitate various warehouse tasks. Add your desired items from our selection of workbenches, scales, packing knives, trolleys, clipboards, markers and gloves, helping to make packing, weighing and other tasks a breeze.

Workplace Essentials Kit

Get a comprehensive solution for your place of work with a workplace essentials kit from TigerPak Packaging. Our convenient kits can be customised to meet your workplace requirements, allowing you to add everything from stationery and tape through to washroom and cafeteria essentials.

Create Your Own Kit Today

To start creating your own kit, click on one of the options on this page. You’ll then be able to add all the products you need to build a house moving kit, warehouse setup kit or workplace essentials kit. To learn more about our available bundle options or get advice from our experts, contact us today.