Tape Dispensers

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  1. Metal Teardrop Dispenser
    Metal Teardrop Dispenser

    Starting at $33.00

  2. Hand Tape Dispenser
    Hand Tape Dispenser

    Starting at $21.00

  3. Bench Top Dispensers
    Bench Top Dispensers

    Starting at $27.38

  4. Strapping Tape Dispenser
    Strapping Tape Dispenser

    Starting at $21.00

  5. Zero Tape Dispenser
    Zero Tape Dispenser

    Starting at $3.88

  6. E-Tape Dispenser
    E-Tape Dispenser

    Starting at $5.75

  7. Professional Tape Dispenser
    Professional Tape Dispenser

    Starting at $3.81

  8. Premium Tape Dispenser
    Premium Tape Dispenser

    Starting at $4.13

  9. Low Noise Tape Dispenser
    Low Noise Tape Dispenser

    Starting at $7.44

  10. Premium Low Noise Tape Dispenser
    Premium Low Noise Tape Dispenser

    Starting at $31.13

  11. Extra Wide Tape Dispenser
    Extra Wide Tape Dispenser

    Starting at $5.00

  12. Tape/Label Dispenser
    Tape/Label Dispenser

    Starting at $197.50

12 Items

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Packaging Tape and Dispenser Wholesalers in Australia

One of the biggest hassles with packaging tape of any kind is the application of it to your surface of choice. Whether it’s the struggle to find the end of the tape roll, or problems cleanly cutting off the tape from the sealed surface, there can be numerous issues that might seem annoying at the time but present as problematic later on. However, with a heavy duty tape dispenser, you can use the right amount of packing tape and leave a clean cut that looks professional and presentable. TigerPak Packaging proudly stocks a packing tape and dispenser range in Sydney and Melbourne that makes light work of all your packaging tasks in the workplace. From the basic hand tape dispenser to a more heavy duty packing tape dispenser or label dispenser, our products have all your packaging needs covered.

Wholesale Tape Dispensers to Suit All Budgets and Needs

Whether it’s a standard dispenser for basic office use or a benchtop dispenser for more involved industrial purposes, you’ll find a quality selection of wholesale tape dispensers to suit all budgets and all applications. We also stock an excellent automatic label dispenser machine, making us your one-stop shop whether you want to buy a tape dispenser or a label dispenser. TigerPak offers competitive prices and can deliver your tape dispenser across Australia. We’ll even deliver to Melbourne and Sydney metro areas for free when you spend $150 or more!

There’s no better time than now to order an industrial tape dispenser for your business from TigerPak. Discover our range online today!