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Buy Cardboard Boxes & Cartons in Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane

Cardboard packing boxes and cartons are commonly used for storing, packing, moving and shipping goods, as well as a variety of other uses. They’re just as useful for storing items somewhere in a house as they are for shipping goods to another part of the world – the possibilities are endless. Cardboard boxes are tough, lightweight, and very quick and easy to put together.

If you need to get your hands on cardboard packing boxes as soon as possible, TigerPak Packaging is proud to be one of the leading cardboard manufacturers in Australia. We stock an extensive range of heavy duty packing boxes and cartons that we can offer you in both small and large quantities, depending on your packing requirements. As trusted cardboard box manufacturers in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, we can supply you with stock shipping cartons and mailer boxes that will fulfil your specific requirements.

Cartons & Packaging Boxes That Will Meet Your Needs

At TigerPak Packaging, we can provide wholesale boxes in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and across Australia for businesses that require packaging boxes and other solutions. Our wholesale packaging boxes and cardboard cartons are suitable for items of various shapes and sizes, ensuring they’re properly protected and secured during transit in order to minimise damage and reduce costs. Whether you need basic cardboard boxes in Sydney, NSW or you’re after specialised mailing boxes wholesale in Melbourne, VIC or Brisbane, QLD, we have you covered with an impressive range that includes stock cartons, packaging boxes, heavy duty cardboard cartons and much more.

Our Available Boxes – Mailer Boxes & Much More

From heavy duty cartons and stock shipping cartons through to mailer boxes and more, the packaging box suppliers at TigerPak Packaging have all the cardboard box supplies you could ever need to securely package your items and ensure they remain intact. Our range of cartons and packing boxes for sale includes:

  • Die-Cut Boxes– Suitable for documents and files, these cardboard boxes wholesale are easy to assemble and are supplied flat packed for easy storage. They also come with self-locking features to eliminate the need for tape and staples.
  • Heavy Duty Cartons– Our heavy duty cardboard packaging cartons are ideal for heavier or more sensitive items. They feature double cushion walls that provide extra strength for added peace of mind.
  • Stock Shipping Cartons– When you want to buy cartons online in different sizes and quantities, there’s no better choice than the shipping carton manufacturers at TigerPak Packaging. Our stock cartons are constructed from heavy duty corrugated board and are perfect for saving time and space.
  • Tall Shipping Cartons– Suitable for longer items that are harder to pack, our tall shipping cartons are an excellent choice for posters and plastic rolls.

In addition to packaging boxes wholesale, we’re also leading cardboard box packaging suppliers stocking pallet bulk boxes that fit neatly on standard pallets, pallet fitting cartons that save time and reduce product damage during transit, and pallet stopper cones that fold up for easy shipping.

Why Choose Us for Cardboard Boxes?

As a leading corrugated box supplier, TigerPak Packaging is renowned for supplying customers with high-quality packaging boxes Australia wide. Our heavy duty packing boxes and cartons are perfect for packing items that need to be transported, whether for moving to a new house or shipping items across long distances. Not only do our boxes give customers peace of mind that their items won’t get damaged, but they’re also available at competitive prices.

As leading cardboard box manufacturers in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, we stock all kinds of boxes of the highest quality that often exceed our clients’ expectations. We can supply you with postage boxes that comply with Australian postage standards, durable shipping boxes that are made to endure harsh treatment, and many other types of boxes in different shapes and sizes.

Ordering cardboard boxes from our box manufacturers in Australia is easy. Our cardboard boxes and their respective prices are clearly listed on our website, so all you need to do is find the type of box you need, add it to your cart, and checkout. If you’re unsure about what type of box you need for your packing requirements, simply contact our packaging and shipping carton manufacturers who will be more than happy to suggest the best box to suit your needs.

Discover the Best Cardboard Boxes & Cartons for Sale Today

If you’re looking for carton boxes suppliers or pallet box suppliers that can supply you with high-quality cardboard packing boxes and mailer boxes, look no further. Get in touch with TigerPak Packaging today by calling 1300 525 325, or submit an online enquiry to get the best packaging boxes and stock cartons for sale in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. Our experts will be happy to provide more information on our available carton boxes online and help you find and buy cardboard boxes that meet your specific requirements.


  • What’s the difference between cardboard boxes and cartons?

    While cardboard boxes and cartons both refer to containers made from cardboard materials, there are some key differences. Cartons are typically thinner, lighter and more suitable for the storage or packaging of items, while cardboard boxes are more durable and reusable, making them better suited to shipping or moving items.

  • How do I choose the right size and shape of cardboard box for my item?

  • How much weight can a cardboard box hold?