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  1. Premium Grade Silicone Fula Seal
    Premium Grade Silicone Fula Seal

    Starting at $9.99

  2. Safe TX Safety Cutter
    Safe TX Safety Cutter

    Starting at $7.60

  3. Safety Carton Opener
    Safety Carton Opener

    Starting at $1.80

  4. Cable Tie Gun
    Cable Tie Gun

    Starting at $50.50

  5. Safety Knife - Auto Retract Steel
    Safety Knife - Auto Retract Steel

    Starting at $8.90

  6. Mechanical Treadle Stapler
    Mechanical Treadle Stapler

    Starting at $2,197.80

  7. Heavy Duty 10m Tape Measure
    Heavy Duty 10m Tape Measure

    Starting at $39.25

  8. Eco Sideslide Auto Knife
    Eco Sideslide Auto Knife

    Starting at $2.85

  9. Double Plus Safety Knife
    Double Plus Safety Knife

    Starting at $17.80

  10. Auto Loader Knife
    Auto Loader Knife

    Starting at $19.70

  11. Safety Grip Knife
    Safety Grip Knife

    Starting at $10.80

  12. Tusk Knife
    Tusk Knife

    Starting at $13.55

Items 1 to 12 of 67 Total

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High Quality Industrial Packaging Supplies and Accessories

When sending industrial products such as machinery or equipment parts, the need for it to arrive at its intended destination safely and without damage is crucial. Poorly packaged industrial equipment increases its vulnerability to damage, which not only reduces workplace productivity but can also result in potential injury to employees. It’s imperative then all machinery, machine parts and other industrial equipment is secured and sent in high-quality industrial packaging in order to prevent damage from occurring. When you’re looking for industrial packaging supplies of a superior standard in Sydney, discover the high-quality product range available from TigerPak. Our extensive range ensures you’re likely to find the perfect industrial packaging products for your specific needs.

Explore Our Complete Range of Industrial Packaging Products

TigerPak is your one-stop shop for high-quality and cost-effective industrial packaging supplies in New South Wales. Look no further than our industrial products section for an array of low-cost, high-quality safety packaging knives for every application. Among our industrial packaging products, we also stock tape measures, heavy duty carton staplers and tackers. Looking for ratchet straps, load angles, power boards, extension cords, torches and batteries? We stock it all, here in one convenient online location. Check out our WD-40 lubricant spray and silicone spray for when you need to loosen rust, protect, and clean specific items. You can also keep cool with our industrial fans that can also be wall mounted, making working in stuffy environments a breeze.

Organise Delivery of Your Industrial Packaging Supplies Today

TigerPak has been the leading supplier of industrial packaging products since 2002 for businesses in Sydney and across New South Wales. Whether you work in development and construction, manufacturing, agriculture or any other industrial field of work, you can be 100% certain that TigerPak will carry or can order the ideal industrial packaging supplies for your needs. We’ll even make sure your order gets sent out on the same day, as long as you order by 5pm. For more information on any of the products you see online, contact us by phone or email today.