Safety Knives

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  1. Olfa HD Knives
    Olfa HD Knives

    Starting at $8.82

  2. Klever Kutter
    Klever Kutter

    Starting at $10.50

  3. Special Offer
    Eco Sideslide Auto Knife
  4. Safety Grip Knife
    Safety Grip Knife

    Starting at $10.80

  5. Safety Slitter
    Safety Slitter

    Starting at $3.75

  6. Special Offer
    F200 Fish Safety Knife

10 Items

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Buy Safety Knives for Your Workplace

Knives can be incredibly useful when used safely, but incredibly dangerous when used recklessly. With safety so important, it’s important for knives used for work purposes to have various safety measures included to make them OH&S friendly. TigerPak Packaging is a leading stockist of wholesale safety knives and safety box cutter products in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. No matter what kind of safety knife you need for your workplace, you’re sure to find it right here within our range.

When you’re looking to buy safety knives, choose TigerPak for an impressive range that includes:

  • Klever Kutter
  • Exo Sideslide Auto Knife
  • Double Plus Safety Knife
  • Safety Grip Knife
  • Safety Slitter
  • Safety Carton Opener
  • Safe TX Safety Cutter
  • F200 Fish Safety Knife
  • Silver Carton Opener

Your One-Stop Location for Bulk Box Cutters, Safety Knives & More

TigerPak Packaging understands the importance of workplace safety, which is why every industrial safety utility knife we stock is designed and manufactured to comply with strict Australian OH&S standards. Each has also been designed for maximum comfort when being used.

We’re proud to supply industrial safety knives and safety cutters in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Australia wide, with fast and affordable nationwide delivery. Explore our range online and buy safety knives today, or contact us to learn more about our available options.


  • What is a safety knife?

    A safety knife or cutter is a specialised tool that’s designed with features to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries during cutting tasks. Safety knives typically have retractable blades, built-in guards and ergonomic handles to allow for safer and more controlled cutting.

  • What are the advantages of using a safety knife?

  • What industries commonly use safety knives?