Specialty Tapes

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  1. Tenacious Gaffer Tape A944
    Tenacious Gaffer Tape A944

    Starting at $18.90

  2. Tenacious Gaffer Tape K969
    Tenacious Gaffer Tape K969

    Starting at $23.63

  3. Tenacious Gaffer Tape K909
    Tenacious Gaffer Tape K909

    Starting at $23.63

  4. Shrink Tape
    Shrink Tape

    Starting at $59.63

  5. Reinforced Aluminium Tape
    Reinforced Aluminium Tape

    Starting at $18.75

  6. Hook And Loop Fastening
    Hook And Loop Fastening

    Starting at $43.50

  7. Electrical Tape
    Electrical Tape

    Starting at $1.75

  8. Denso Tape
    Denso Tape

    Starting at $15.75

  9. Bag Sealers And Tapes
    Bag Sealers And Tapes

    Starting at $2.38

9 Items

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Leading Denso Tape Suppliers for All Your Specialty Tape Needs

For some industrial and workplace applications, you’ll find that a general purpose tape won’t be sufficient and that a specialty tape will help you get the job done better. TigerPak Packaging is proud to be one of the premier Denso tape suppliers in Australia, supplying retailers and businesses in Melbourne and Sydney with various specialty tapes that they require for their day to day operations. Whether you need adhesive heat shrink tape, extra wide packaging tape, aluminium reinforced tape, electrical tape, carton sealing tape or one of the many other options available, explore the range available at TigerPak Packaging.

Why we’re Preferred Denso Tape Distributors

When it comes to finding the best specialty tapes for your particular industry or task at hand, you can count on the Denso tape distributors at TigerPak to have the ideal tape for your needs. You’ll find an extensive selection of tapes, sealants and fasteners from one of Australia’s premier electrical tape suppliers. We also offer highly competitive prices so you can enjoy excellent value for money, while our nationwide shipping enables us to get your order to you ASAP whether you’re in Melbourne, Sydney or elsewhere in the country.

Explore our range of speciality Denso tape products online today to find exactly what you need!