Protective Wear

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  1. Knitted Wrist Cotton Gloves
    Knitted Wrist Cotton Gloves

    Starting at $1.10

  2. Liner Gloves
    Liner Gloves

    Starting at $0.80

  3. Poly Cotton Polka Dot Gloves
    Poly Cotton Polka Dot Gloves

    Starting at $0.95

  4. Poly Cotton Gloves
    Poly Cotton Gloves

    Starting at $0.85

  5. Cotton Drill Glove
    Cotton Drill Glove

    Starting at $1.00

  6. Cow Split Riggers Gloves
    Cow Split Riggers Gloves

    Starting at $5.70

  7. Cow Grain Riggers Gloves
    Cow Grain Riggers Gloves

    Starting at $10.65

  8. Riggamate Gloves
    Riggamate Gloves

    Starting at $13.15

  9. Heavy Duty Work Gloves
    Heavy Duty Work Gloves

    Starting at $3.45

  10. Glove Guard/Utility Guard
    Glove Guard/Utility Guard

    Starting at $11.85

  11. Leather Work Glove
    Leather Work Glove

    Starting at $2.10

  12. Rockland CR-5 Cut Resistant Glove
    Rockland CR-5 Cut Resistant Glove

    Starting at $8.75

Items 1 to 12 of 80 Total

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Discover Our Extensive Range of Safety Workwear in Sydney

Employees who work in areas that contain safety hazards require appropriate workwear that provides adequate protection. At TigerPak Packaging, we’re proud to stock quality safety workwear in Sydney that increases your visibility and minimises your exposure to dangerous substances. Whether you want high visibility clothing when working around large machinery or you need special gloves for handling toxic materials, the safety workwear suppliers at TigerPak have you covered.

What Can Our Protective Wear Suppliers Provide?

Our protective clothing suppliers and safety products distributors have no shortage of protective workwear supplies for you to choose from. We stock a fantastic range of safety gloves, including riggers gloves, glass gripper gloves, HD work gloves, chemical gloves, Hi-Vis gloves, disposable gloves and much more. Our safety equipment distributors and safety clothing suppliers also have a wide range of safety glasses and dust masks. In addition, you can protect your hearing in noisy environments with our great value ear muffs or disposable earplugs that also come with dispensers. Our protective wear supplies also include disposable clothing, safety vests, safety jackets, and safety boots that provide the peace of mind you deserve.

Why Choose TigerPak For Protective Workwear in Sydney?

Over the past 15 years, TigerPak Packaging has developed a reputation for being leading personal protective clothing suppliers, commercial safety apparel suppliers and industrial safety equipment suppliers in Sydney and across New South Wales. Our industrial safety wear suppliers boast extensive expertise working with a wide range of clients whose unique needs can be accommodated and catered to. Whether you’re working on dangerous construction sites or in hazardous laboratories, our safety wear suppliers are confident you’ll find a suitable solution within our range. All of our products are also available at competitive prices and come with 100 day guarantees so that you can return them without any complications if needed.

Get in Touch with Our Safety Wear Suppliers Today

There’s no better choice than TigerPak Packaging when it comes to safety workwear in Sydney. Get in touch with our personal protective equipment distributors today for more information and further assistance. Simply call us on 1300 525 325 or enquire online and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.