Double Sided Tape

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  1. H666 Scrim Tape Double Sided
    H666 Scrim Tape Double Sided

    Starting at $8.91

  2. VHB Double Sided Tapes
    VHB Double Sided Tapes

    Starting at $68.50

  3. Double Sided Tissue Tape
    Double Sided Tissue Tape

    Starting at $3.50

  4. Double Sided Polyester Tape
    Double Sided Polyester Tape

    Starting at $5.19

  5. Double Sided Foam Tape
    Double Sided Foam Tape

    Starting at $21.19

  6. Double Sided Cloth Tape
    Double Sided Cloth Tape

    Starting at $4.90

  7. D/S Tissue Tape - Acrylic
    D/S Tissue Tape - Acrylic

    Starting at $8.95

7 Items

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Heavy Duty Double Sided Tape for Special Purposes

When you need bulk double sided tape in Sydney or Melbourne for highly specific applications such as laying carpet or mounting fixtures to a wall, you can trust the double sided tape suppliers at TigerPak Packaging to provide you with the most appropriate solution for your particular need. You’ll find a broad variety of products in our range, including:

  • Double sided foam tape
  • Double sided tissue tape
  • Double sided cloth tape
  • Double sided polyester tape

With its heavy duty adhesive properties and resistance to various factors such as temperature and chemicals, you can trust our heavy duty double sided tape to join or fix everything from fabrics through to photos and more. Next time you need to buy double sided tape, don’t look past our excellent range.

Buy Today from the Leading Double Sided Tissue Tape Suppliers

For competitive prices on wholesale double sided tape that can be used for a vast range of purposes, as well as nationwide delivery (free for orders delivered to metro Sydney and Melbourne if you spend $150 or more!), you can count on TigerPak Packaging to provide the quality products and expert services you need.

When it comes to Australia’s preferred double sided tissue tape suppliers, you can trust in the products, services and expertise of TigerPak Packaging. Explore our bulk double sided tape range in Sydney and Melbourne online today!