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  1. Heavy Duty Packaging Tape
    Heavy Duty Packaging Tape

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  2. Forza F35 Tape
    Forza F35 Tape

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  3. Forza F31 Packaging Tape
    Forza F31 Packaging Tape

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  4. Forza F30 Packaging Tape
    Forza F30 Packaging Tape

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Quality Polypropylene Tape for All Your Packaging Needs

Sending parcels and packages for your business requires quality packing tape to safely get the package from point A to B, and if you’re looking for quality packaging tape that’s economical and user friendly, that tape should be made from polypropylene. The benefits of polypropylene tape are numerous; it maintains its stickiness and stability in both hot and cold weather, can be torn apart by hand rather than needing scissors, and can seal up boxes without covering up any important information on the packaging. For quality box sealing tape that gets the job done and keeps the contents of your package intact, buy today from the leading polypropylene tape suppliers in Sydney and Melbourne at TigerPak Packaging.

Order from the Carton Sealing Tape Specialists

TigerPak is your one-stop shop for a quality selection of polypropylene carton sealing tape products. Best used for the packaging of lightweight goods rather than fragile, easily breakable items, the tape comes in 30 and heavy duty 35 micron options for stronger performance. Boasting a high tensile strength and good tear resistance, our polypropylene adhesive tape will serve its purpose more than sufficiently.

There are numerous reasons why you should choose TigerPak for polypropylene packaging tape in Melbourne and Sydney, from our low prices and fast despatch through to our free delivery to metro Melbourne and Sydney for purchases over $150. We also offer flexible ordering options (phone, email and fax), plus our 100% guarantee ensures you’ll be satisfied with your purchase.

With Australia-wide delivery available, there’s no better time than now to order from the leading polypropylene tape suppliers at TigerPak. Browse our range today!