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Pallet Wrapper Machines

At TigerPak Packaging, we’re dedicated to providing efficient and effective packaging solutions for businesses of all sizes, including automatic pallet wrapper machines that can help to streamline the packaging process and improve productivity. We offer both semi-automatic and fully automatic pallet wrapping machine options that are designed to make the task of wrapping pallets quicker and easier while ensuring superior protection of products. Discover our complete pallet wrapper range online today.

Our Pallet Wrapping Machine Options

Our semi-automatic pallet wrapping machines are perfect for businesses that want to increase their packaging efficiency without breaking the bank. These machines require minimal operator input and are capable of wrapping pallets of various sizes and shapes. For businesses with high-volume packaging requirements, we recommend a fully automatic pallet wrapping machine. These machines require no operator input and can wrap multiple pallets simultaneously. They also come with advanced features such as automatic film cutting and tail welding to further improve efficiency and save time.

Whether you have a preference for a semi-automatic pallet wrap machine or a fully automatic pallet wrapper, we can provide what you need. Choose from the following options:

  • TPX-60 Robot Pallet Wrapping Machine
  • TPX-30 PowerPre-stretch Film Machine
  • TPX-50 Fully Automatic Stretch Wrapper
  • TPX-10 Semi-Auto Wrapper Machine
  • TPX-20 Semi-Auto Wrapper Machine

In addition to the above, we can also provide you with ramps for your pallet wrap machine, including heavy-duty options to suit 1.5 or 1.65 metre turntables.

Order a Pallet Wrap Machine Online Today

When you’re looking to buy a pallet wrapping machine, choose TigerPak Packaging for a high-quality pallet stretch wrapper that’s durable and built to last. Place your order online today for delivery to Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and beyond, or contact our experts to learn more about our pallet wrapping machine options. We’re committed to helping businesses find and buy the best pallet wrapping machine for sale.


  • What are pallet wrapping machines used for?

    A pallet wrapping machine is a piece of equipment used to wrap plastic film around pallets to secure and protect their contents during transportation or storage. A pallet stretch wrapping machine is used to automate the process of wrapping pallets, making it faster and more consistent.

  • What types of pallet wrapping machine are available?

  • How do I choose the right pallet wrapping machine?