How to use the Poly Buckle Strapping System

Cut length of strapping tape approximately 60cm longer than length required to encircle items to be secured.
Position strapping around items as desired. Where strapping meets, form a loop with each end, with the tail ends of the strapping facing away from each other.
Feed the two loops through the square hole in the Poly Buckle until they are protruding about 4cm.
Fold the “dog bone” legs of the buckle through the two loops of strapping.
Pull the loops back through the buckle. Make sure the strapping is central on the legs and through the hole in the buckle.
Apply tension to ends of strapping until items are secured to your desire.
IMPORTANT NOTICE: These instructions are to act as a guide only. No responsibility can be taken by the supplier of this guide for any damage/failures or injury as a result of using these instructions.