Powerwrap Handstretch Film

  • Load Stabilising: Excellent memory keeps holding grip on load.
  • Clarity: High degree of transparency for see-through packaging.
  • Cling: Layers of film cling to the package even at high stretch levels.
  • Low Noise Application: Quiet unwinding, great near telephones and offices.
  • Stretchability: Maximises your equipment’s stretch potential and provides excellent yield.
  • Tear & Puncture Resistant: High tear resistance affords maximum security even around sharp package corner and edges.
Powerwrap Handstretch Film
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4 Roll
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At TigerPak Packaging, we’re proud to offer Powerwrap hand stretch film – a revolutionary industrial shrink wrap suitable for a range of packaging requirements. Power Wrap is the perfect choice for load stabilisation thanks to its excellent memory that keeps a strong holding grip on the load, ensuring that products stay secure during transportation and storage. With its high clarity and transparency, this clear shrink wrap also provides a clear view of your products, allowing for quick and easy identification.

The multiple layers of film in Powerwrap clear wrap offer superb cling, even at high stretch levels. This ensures that the film adheres tightly, preventing any movement. Power Wrap film is also ideal for low noise applications, with quiet unwind so you can carry out your packaging operations without disturbing colleagues or customers.

Other benefits of Powerwrap hand stretch film include its stretchability, excellent yield and superior puncture and tear resistance. It’s also water and dust resistant. You can trust Power Wrap film to keep your products safe and secure during transportation and storage.

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