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  1. Flat Shipping Cartons
    Flat Shipping Cartons

    Starting at $0.83

  2. Stock Shipping Cartons
    Stock Shipping Cartons

    Starting at $0.83

  3. Brown Kraft Cartons
    Brown Kraft Cartons

    Starting at $0.83

  4. Heavy Duty Cartons
    Heavy Duty Cartons

    Starting at $0.89

  5. Die-Cut Boxes
    Die-Cut Boxes

    Starting at $1.09

  6. Pallet Fitting Cartons
    Pallet Fitting Cartons

    Starting at $1.27

  7. White Cartons
    White Cartons

    Starting at $1.43

  8. Wine Bottle Cartons & Dividers
    Wine Bottle Cartons & Dividers

    Starting at $1.20

  9. Pallet Trays
    Pallet Trays

    Starting at $3.60

  10. Tall Shipping Cartons
    Tall Shipping Cartons

    Starting at $2.42

  11. Pallet Stopper Cone
    Pallet Stopper Cone

    Starting at $39.95

  12. Pallet Bulk Box
    Pallet Bulk Box

    Starting at $12.90

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Wholesale Packaging Box Suppliers Who Can Meet Your Needs

At TigerPak Packaging, we can provide wholesale boxes in Sydney, Melbourne and across Australia for businesses that require packaging boxes and other solutions. Our packing boxes and cardboard cartons are suitable for items of various shapes and sizes, ensuring they’re properly protected and secured during transit in order to minimise damage and reduce costs. Whether you need basic cardboard packing boxes in Sydney or you’re after specialised cardboard boxes wholesale in Melbourne, we have you covered with an impressive range that includes stock cardboard cartons, packaging boxes, heavy duty cardboard cartons and much more.

Our Selection of Wholesale Boxes in Sydney & Melbourne

From heavy duty cartons and stock shipping cartons through to pallet bulk boxes and more, the box and carton suppliers at TigerPak Packaging have all the cardboard box supplies you could ever need to securely package your items and ensure they remain intact. Our range includes:

  • Die-Cut Boxes – Suitable for documents and files, these cardboard boxes are easy to assemble and are supplied flat packed for easy storage. They also come with self-locking features to eliminate the need for tape and staples.
  • Heavy Duty Cartons – Our heavy duty cardboard cartons are ideal for heavier or more sensitive items. They feature double cushion walls that provide extra strength for added peace of mind.
  • Stock Shipping Cartons – Available in many different sizes and quantities, our stock cartons are constructed from heavy duty corrugated board and are perfect for saving time and space.
  • Tall Shipping Cartons – Suitable for longer items that are harder to pack, our tall shipping cartons are an excellent choice for posters and plastic rolls.

In addition to packaging boxes wholesale, our cardboard cartons suppliers in Sydney and Melbourne also stock pallet bulk boxes that fit neatly on standard pallets, pallet fitting cartons that save time and reduce product damage during transit, and pallet stopper cones that fold up for easy shipping.

Place an Order for Our Cardboard Boxes & Cartons Today

Look no further than TigerPak Packaging when you need wholesale packaging box suppliers who can meet your needs. Buy cardboard boxes in Sydney and Melbourne online today, or Get in touch with us to learn more. Our experts will be happy to provide more information on our available options and help you select the right cardboard box supplies that meet your specific requirements.