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Customised Sani-Solutions

Maintaining good sanitation in workplaces is of vital importance in order to limit the spread of illness and promote better health. However, many workplaces aren’t equipped with the necessary sanitation supplies needed to maintain good sanitation. That’s where TigerPak Packaging can help, with customised sani-solutions available to help you maintain a level of sanitation that’s right for your workplace. If you are looking for sani-solutions with sanitiser, gloves and bin, or you need a sanitiser dispenser stand to encourage more frequent hand cleaning, we can help you design a customised package that meets your requirements.

About Our Sani-Solutions

Our sani-solutions are modular in nature, allowing you to pick and choose what you need from our available options. This enables you to build your own solution that takes into account the specific requirements of your workplace.

Your sani-solution can include the following items from our range:

  • H/D Sanitiser Dispenser Stand
  • Australian Made Hand Sanitising Gel
  • Hand Sanitiser Gel
  • Refillable Soap Dispenser
  • Hand Sanitiser Wall Mount Holder
  • Blue Vinyl Low Powder Gloves
  • Triple Glove Dispenser - Wall Mount
  • Sanitising Surface Wipes
  • Swing Top Tidy Bin

Get Started Today

Interested in learning more about our available sani-solutions, or need help designing the right package for your needs? The team at TigerPak Packaging are here to help. Give us a call today on 1300 525 325 to get started with your very own customised sani-solutions.