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  1. Snap on Seals
    Snap on Seals

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  2. Pusher Seals PNSC
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High-Quality Steel Strapping Seals Available Online

The best strapping systems need the right strapping seals for optimal security, which is why TigerPak Packaging offers a wide selection of high-quality steel strapping seals in Sydney and across Australia, with options suitable for both small and large scale use.

Choose the Right Strapping Seals for You

We’re proud to stock numerous options, allowing you to select the right option for your desired application:

  • Heavy duty pusher seals are designed to be used with side action sealers. They’re typically zinc coated or galvanised to extend life when used in outdoor settings. Available in 19-32mm sizes.
  • PNSC pusher seals are best used in conjunction with single notch sealers. Like heavy duty seals, they’re galvanised or coated in zinc for enhanced protection. They come available in 13-19mm sizes.
  • Snap on seals can be used with standard strapping sealers and are also galvanised for maximum protection.

For those who use polyester strapping instead of steel strapping seals, polyester seals in two sizes (12mm and 16mm) are available.

Buy Steel Strapping Seals in Sydney or Online Across Australia

Whether you’re looking to buy steel strapping seals in Sydney or you’re in Perth looking for poly seals, TigerPak Packaging can help. Speak to our experienced sales staff and place your order with us today.