Adhesive Tapes & Dispensers

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  1. E-Tape Plus
    E-Tape Plus

    Starting at $2.94

  2. E-Tape 2
    E-Tape 2

    Starting at $3.30

  3. Printed Warning E-Tape
    Printed Warning E-Tape

    Starting at $8.80

  4. e-Tape Kraft
    e-Tape Kraft

    Starting at $8.60

  5. E-Tape 1
    E-Tape 1

    Starting at $3.74

  6. E-Tape Dispenser
    E-Tape Dispenser

    Starting at $5.75

  7. Denva Packaging Tape
    Denva Packaging Tape

    Starting at $1.11

  8. Special Offer
    Forza F30 Packaging Tape
    Forza F30 Packaging Tape

    Starting at $1.75

  9. Zero Tape 500
    Zero Tape 500

    Starting at $3.88

  10. Zero Tape Dispenser
    Zero Tape Dispenser

    Starting at $3.88

  11. Forza F31 Packaging Tape
    Forza F31 Packaging Tape

    Starting at $1.69

  12. Biodegradable Tape
    Biodegradable Tape

    Starting at $2.49

Items 1 to 12 of 81 Total

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Buy High-Quality Adhesive Tapes in Australia

When you’re moving house or relocating your business, the safety and security of your smaller belongings can be equally as important as those larger and bulkier goods that are always treated with optimal care. For small items that can be boxed and taped up securely, it’s crucial that your choice of adhesive packing tape is strong enough to withstand incidental movement, heat and anything else that might cause it to tear or lose its adhesiveness. Well, there’s no need to worry anymore. With the industrial tape suppliers at TigerPak offering a range of adhesive packing tape wholesale in Melbourne, Sydney and Australia wide, you can be sure you’ll find the ideal tool to package items safely and securely.

The Best Packing Supplies near Melbourne & Sydney

Find everything you need to protect and/or label your packaging with high impact message and warning tapes right here at TigerPak, Australia’s premier self adhesive tape suppliers. Need masking tape? Look no further! We also stock cloth, filament, foam and aluminium tape. We have a fantastic range of adhesive tapes in Australia, ranging from quality made Forza tape and moving tape in Melbourne through to brown packing tape wholesale and impact resistant packaging tape in Sydney. As leading adhesive tape suppliers, we even stock dispensers for those who require a tape dispenser for packaging tape, offering unparalleled performance in tape sealing solutions. Whether you work in a school, a retail store or in an industrial setting, you can guarantee that you’ll find the necessary packaging tape in Australia for your workplace amongst our comprehensive range.

Why Choose TigerPak for Adhesive Tapes in Australia?

When it comes to wholesale packing tape suppliers that deliver on their reputation for creating products of the highest quality, you can count on TigerPak to truly break away from the ‘Pak’ and become leaders in the field. Since 2002, we’ve been at the forefront of adhesive tape distributors delivering packaging tape Australia wide – particularly in Sydney, where you can enjoy same day dispatch if ordered by 5pm. We also offer wholesale industrial tape and packing tape at bulk wholesale prices in Melbourne and across Australia.

As a leading packaging tape supplier, we’re committed to providing each customer with the most focused, fast paced and accountable service possible. Whether you’re looking for a heavy duty tape dispenser for packaging tape in the warehouse, or you require wholesale tape supply for moving boxes near Melbourne, you’ll find what you need in the way of wholesale adhesive tape online at TigerPak. Place your order with our adhesive tape suppliers today to buy adhesive tape wholesale in Sydney, Melbourne and across Australia!


  • Which is the best tape?

    Forza F30 tape is considered a Premium quality tape in the industry, and is the go-to for a very large range of applications.

  • What is the difference between Forza and Denva?

  • Can I use E-tape guns with standard tape?

  • What is the difference between Hotmelt and Acrylic tape?

  • My tape keeps peeling off in the freezer/outdoors – which tape should I be using?