Grip Film

  • High load retention – creates a ‘strapping’ effect on the load, resulting in a powerful grip and excellent pallet stabilisation.
  • Reduced ‘necking down’, meaning fewer wrap cycles per pallet.

  • 40% savings in storage space, transport costs, roll change time and downtime.

  • Automatically contracts when applied, providing extra stability.

Grip Film
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Are you tired of dealing with unstable pallet loads during transportation? At TigerPak Packaging, we can provide you with high-quality grip film as a solution to all your pallet stabilisation needs. Grip film, also known as grip on film, boasts a powerful grip that creates a strapping effect on your loads. Specially designed with high load retention, this film ensures your pallets will remain stable during transit. With reduced necking down, you'll also need fewer wrap cycles per pallet, saving you time and money. In fact, self-gripping film can save up to 40% in storage space as well as reducing transport costs, roll change time and downtime.

When applied, grip in film automatically contracts, providing extra stability to loads. This means that you can have peace of mind knowing your products will arrive safely and securely at their destination.

At TigerPak Packaging, we offer a variety of grip packaging film options to meet your specific requirements. Whether you need a standard width or a custom size, we have you covered.

Don't let unstable pallets put your products at risk. Buy grip film from us today and enjoy delivery to Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Australia wide.

See the benefits of Grip Film below: