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  1. Zapak Strapping Tool
    Zapak Strapping Tool

    Starting at $3,690.00

  2. Truck Seals & Container Bolts
    Truck Seals & Container Bolts

    Starting at $31.55

  3. Poly-Woven Strap Stand Dispenser
    Poly-Woven Strap Stand Dispenser

    Starting at $214.90

  4. Steel Strapping Tensioner
    Steel Strapping Tensioner

    Starting at $179.40

  5. Heavy Duty Ribbon Dispenser Trolley
    Heavy Duty Ribbon Dispenser Trolley

    Starting at $574.80

  6. Mill Wound Steel Strapping
    Mill Wound Steel Strapping

    Starting at $3.35

  7. Hi Tensile Steel Strapping
    Hi Tensile Steel Strapping

    Starting at $3.60

  8. Ribbon Wound Steel Strapping
    Ribbon Wound Steel Strapping

    Starting at $41.90

  9. Hi Tensile 32mm Steel Strap
    Hi Tensile 32mm Steel Strap

    Starting at $3.60

  10. Ribbon Wound Strap Dispenser
    Ribbon Wound Strap Dispenser

    Starting at $115.80

  11. Strapping Dispenser 32mm
    Strapping Dispenser 32mm

    Starting at $594.00

  12. Mill Wound Strap Dispenser
    Mill Wound Strap Dispenser

    Starting at $574.80

Items 1 to 12 of 75 Total

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Professional Packaging Straps and Accessories

When transporting heavy, dangerous or even fragile goods from point A to point B, their security is of the utmost importance. Glass items can shatter if left unsecured, oversized loads can shift and potentially cause damage, and chemicals and other hazardous materials can spill if not secured property. It’s precisely for this reason why strapping materials and packaging are so important. Securing items prior to them being moved can prevent load shift, extensive damage and other potentially costly incidents from occurring. Packaging straps are also useful in warehouse and stockroom situations, as they can help to keep cartons and boxes on pallets ordered and tidy. When you need packaging straps and packaging accessories for your business, place an order online with the specialists at TigerPak today.

Vast Selection of Packaging & Strapping Supplies in Stock

This section offers a wide variety of packaging and strapping supplies and accessories. Try our heavy duty steel strapping for applications that demand high strength and durability. Our packaging strapping supplies are also available in kits. With its increased safety and superior strength, polyester PET strapping makes for a worthy substitute for our heavy duty steel strapping. Our plastic strapping packaging is great for keeping your goods secure during transport without the sharp edges of its steel equivalent. For a lightweight option, poly strapping is an excellent choice. We also stock a wide array of quality strapping materials & tools for tensioning, including buckles for securing and fastening strapping.

Same-Day Dispatch When Ordered by 5pm

TigerPak has been the premier supplier of packaging straps and packaging accessories for businesses across a wide range of industries throughout New South Wales since 2002. We endeavour to provide the very best products combined with the most knowledgeable service so you can enjoy complete confidence in what we have to offer. Place your order for packaging strapping supplies with TigerPak before 5pm and we’ll ensure it gets sent out that same day. If you’d like further information on any of our strapping materials & tools, contact us by phone or email today.


  • What is the difference between mill wound and ribbon wound strap?

    Ribbon wound is a smaller roll that is one strand wide. E.g. 16mm strap is a coil 16mm wide. Ribbon wound rolls are approx 14kg and can be carried easily by hand. They fit in the small A frame dispensers. Mill (rope) wound is a heavy 50kg coil that is wound onto a 400mm metal inner ring which is about 50mm wide. These fit into a large dispenser that is always on wheels. The strap itself is identical when taken off the roll.

  • Can I use the Strapex tool with Poly strap?

  • Which dispenser goes with which strap?

  • Which strapping seals should I be using?

  • What is the difference between embossed and smooth PET strap?