Plastic Packaging Materials

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  1. Pallet Top Cover
    Pallet Top Cover

    Starting at $74.38

  2. LDPE Pallet Top Covers
    LDPE Pallet Top Covers

    Starting at $87.44

  3. Pallet Cap Bags
    Pallet Cap Bags

    Starting at $238.75

  4. Pallet Shrink Bags
    Pallet Shrink Bags

    Starting at $157.50

  5. Pallet Tubing
    Pallet Tubing

    Starting at $198.63

  6. Black Pallet Bags (Shrink)
    Black Pallet Bags (Shrink)

    Starting at $282.38

  7. White PE Shrink Film
    White PE Shrink Film

    Starting at $298.75

  8. Clear LDPE Shrink Film
    Clear LDPE Shrink Film

    Starting at $144.00

  9. Ripack 3000 Heat Gun
    Ripack 3000 Heat Gun

    Starting at $299.00

  10. Lay Flat Tube
    Lay Flat Tube

    Starting at $96.11

  11. Film Roll Carrier 450mm
    Film Roll Carrier 450mm

    Starting at $154.50

  12. Impulse Heat Sealers
    Impulse Heat Sealers

    Starting at $138.50

Items 1 to 12 of 66 Total

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Trusted Plastic Packaging Suppliers in Sydney, Melbourne & Across Australia

Plastic is about as versatile and as adaptable as a packaging material can get. The tough yet lightweight kitchen staple known as cling wrap, for example, is made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and can be used for everything from keeping lunches fresh to separating meat in the freezer for more convenient storage. A much tougher form of plastic is Polypropylene Plastic (PP), which is often used to make buckets capable of storing chemicals in liquid or solid form. Plastic packaging materials can even go as far as shrink wrap for boats and other vehicles. Whatever your needs, you can rest assured that there’s a suitable plastic packaging option for almost every item. If you’re looking for trusted plastic packaging suppliers in Sydney or Melbourne for your business, you can trust the packing material suppliers at TigerPak to have what you need.

Superior Quality Pallet Wrap & Other Packaging for a Multitude of Items

When it comes to plastic packaging materials for commercial and industrial use, you can count on TigerPak to have the most suitable options for your needs. As a leading plastic packaging manufacturer, we have it all among our plastic packing supplies, including:

  • Hand stretch film and machine stretch film
  • Plastic wrap for moving
  • Pallet wrap
  • Pallet netting
  • Plastic wrap roll
  • And much more

You can also take advantage of our wide variety of plastic bags wholesale in Australia, including zip lock, stock poly, heavy duty asbestos removal and polywoven bags. Whatever you need bulk bags in Sydney or Melbourne for, you can rely on our plastic bag suppliers in Sydney to have the exact plastic packaging material you need.

Expert Packing Material Suppliers Since 2002

For over 15 years, the team at TigerPak has been one of the premier plastic packaging material suppliers and stretch film manufacturers in Sydney and greater New South Wales. No matter what your industry or nature of work, you can rest easy knowing that TigerPak has your plastic packaging needs covered in Sydney, Melbourne and across Australia. From plastic bags in Sydney to builders film, pallet top covers to poly tubing and everything in between, place your order with us by 5pm for same-day dispatch. If you’d like any further information on any of our products, contact us to speak to our experienced plastic packing materials and plastic bag suppliers in Australia.


  • Which is the best wrap?


    We stock a large range of the highest quality stretchwraps on the market. Each style is manufactured slightly differently to make it ideal for a specific usage/situation. For example, Grip Film is an excellent option for high quantity users, as it is a very fast option, reduces back strain, and reduces wasteage space. On the other hand, Blown films, such as Megastretch, are ideal for sharp objects or heavy/bulky loads, as they are extremely puncture resistant.


  • How long are the rolls?

  • Can I shrink standard wrap/Builders film?

  • Do you have biodegradable wrap?

  • What does a ‘Blown’ stretchwrap mean?