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  1. Truck Seals & Container Bolts
    Truck Seals & Container Bolts

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  2. Tie Down Webbing
    Tie Down Webbing

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  3. Ratchet Straps / Tie Downs
    Ratchet Straps / Tie Downs

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    Polypropylene/Silver Rope
    Polypropylene/Silver Rope

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  5. Poly Lashing
    Poly Lashing

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  6. Baling Twine
    Baling Twine

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  7. Baling Press Strapping
    Baling Press Strapping

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Buy Baler Twine Wholesale in Australia

In supermarkets, department stores and retailers of all sizes, stock filled boxes become empty boxes very quickly and take up unnecessary floor space. One of the most efficient methods of managing excess cardboard waste is with a baler and baler twine or polypropylene rope. Compressing the boxes into cubes with a compactor machine and using baler twine to secure their cubed shape helps to open up warehouse or store room floor space, reduce landfill, and promote responsible recycling practices. When you need superior quality baler twine or silver rope to help compress your cardboard boxes, get in touch with the silver rope suppliers at TigerPak Packaging.

Vast Range of Uses for Polypropylene Rope

In addition to being used for cardboard waste, polypropylene rope can be useful for a wide variety of other applications. It’s commonly used in the water, as it’s lighter than water and therefore floats. It’s also resistant to mildew and won’t rot in water, which is why you might find it used for everything from swimming lane barriers through to crab and lobster lines in the marine industry. Professionals that work around live electric wires (e.g. electricians and tree workers) also use polypropylene rope, as it doesn’t conduct an electric current.

When you need bulk polypropylene rope or baler twine wholesale, place your order with TigerPak Packaging or contact us to learn more.