Poly Strapping Tools

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  1. Zapak Strapping Tool
    Zapak Strapping Tool

    Starting at $3,690.00

  2. Strapex Battery Tools
    Strapex Battery Tools

    Starting at $234.00

  3. Standard PET Strap Sealer
    Standard PET Strap Sealer

    Starting at $113.75

  4. MIP (USA) PET Sealer
    MIP (USA) PET Sealer

    Starting at $301.20

  5. MIP (USA) HD Poly Tensioner
    MIP (USA) HD Poly Tensioner

    Starting at $419.60

  6. Heavy Duty Tensioner
    Heavy Duty Tensioner

    Starting at $201.60

  7. Strapping Lance
    Strapping Lance

    Starting at $33.95

7 Items

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Discover Our Poly Strapping Tool Kit Range

A poly strapping tool kit makes the process of strap packing pallets and skids significantly easier and safer. No longer do you need to worry about unravelling twisted straps or getting on all fours to feed poly strapping through hard to reach places. TigerPak Packaging does away with those inconveniences, improving workplace productivity and increasing workplace safety with strap packing tools that almost anyone can use. If you’re looking for poly strapping tools in Sydney or elsewhere in Australia, discover our range online.

Strap Packing Tools and Kits Available

Poly strapping tool kits come with everything you need for safe and time efficient strapping of heavy and valuable loads for transportation or storage. Though they will often vary in regards to size and number of functions, they will all come with the same strap packing tools, including:

  • Poly strap
  • Open seals
  • Tensioner
  • Sealer
  • Poly strapping cart

Some may also include heavy duty wire buckles and a strapping lance as well, plus all products that make up our poly strapping tool kits can be purchased separately from us as well. Contact us today to find out more or place an order.