Specialty Packaging Tapes

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  1. Biodegradable Tape
    Biodegradable Tape

    Starting at $2.49

  2. Super 88 Hybrid Packaging Tape
    Super 88 Hybrid Packaging Tape

    Starting at $1.81

  3. Heavy Duty Packaging Tape
    Heavy Duty Packaging Tape

    Starting at $5.44

  4. Extra Wide Packaging Tape
    Extra Wide Packaging Tape

    Starting at $5.31

  5. Extra Wide HD Packaging Tape
    Extra Wide HD Packaging Tape

    Starting at $11.13

5 Items

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Specialty Packaging Tape – Wide Packing Tape & More

In some circumstances when packaging items in boxes, standard packing tapes might not be suitable for your particular needs. They might not boast the strength or the holding power to secure the contents inside a heavy duty cardboard box, or the tape might not be wide enough to be effective. This is when specialty packaging tape can be particularly useful. Whether you need heavy duty, waterproof or extra wide packing tape in Sydney, Melbourne or Australia wide, TigerPak Packaging can meet your needs. We supply specialty tapes in Australia to businesses across all industries needing something more specialised than what a general purpose adhesive tape can provide, with available options including carton sealing tape and heavy duty packaging tape.

Why Choose TigerPak When You Require Specialty Tapes?

As leading specialty packaging tapes suppliers in Sydney, Melbourne and across Australia, TigerPak understands what its customer base needs both in terms of product and services. Our expert staff will help you choose the right specialty packaging tape or seal tape for your specific needs. In addition to a great product range, we also offer highly competitive prices, nationwide shipping (free for orders $150 and over in metro Melbourne and Sydney), and a 100 day 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Whether you’re looking for wide packing tape or something a little more heavy duty, TigerPak has you covered. As leading speciality packaging tape suppliers in Melbourne and Sydney, browse our range online today!