Staplers & Staples

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  1. Office Plier Stapler
    Office Plier Stapler

    Starting at $53.15

  2. Heavy Duty Plier Stapler
    Heavy Duty Plier Stapler

    Starting at $27.30

  3. Heavy Duty Stapler
    Heavy Duty Stapler

    Starting at $6.15

  4. Bostitch Trigger Tacker
    Bostitch Trigger Tacker

    Starting at $154.00

  5. Bostitch Hammer Tacker
    Bostitch Hammer Tacker

    Starting at $143.00

  6. Bostitch Plier Stapler
    Bostitch Plier Stapler

    Starting at $121.00

  7. Crown Staples
    Crown Staples

    Starting at $37.40

  8. Maxifast Staple Gun / Tacker
    Maxifast Staple Gun / Tacker

    Starting at $80.30

  9. Maxifast Staples A-11
    Maxifast Staples A-11

    Starting at $23.45

  10. Budget Hand Stapler
    Budget Hand Stapler

    Starting at $207.90

  11. ELPA Air Stapler
    ELPA Air Stapler

    Starting at $836.00

  12. Special Offer
    ELPA Hand Stapler
    ELPA Hand Stapler

    Starting at $328.24

Items 1 to 12 of 15 Total

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Heavy Duty Staples & Staplers That Meet Your Needs

TigerPak Packaging is proud to offer staples supplies that work effectively on a range of different materials. Our range includes heavy duty staples and staplers that are useful for sealing cartons, laying carpet, installing insulation, packing parcels and more. No matter what the application, you can rely on our staples suppliers in Melbourne and Sydney to have what you need.

Browse Our Range of Desktop Staplers & Other Supplies

TigerPak Packaging has an extensive range of stapler supplies available to choose from, including:

  • Heavy duty plier stapler that’s suitable for metal construction
  • Office plier stapler that’s capable of stapling 40 sheets at once
  • Heavy duty stapler that allows for thicker cardboard to be stapled
  • Maxifast staple gun for flooring and general carpentry
  • Elpa hand stapler that draws carton flaps together and staples them securely
  • Elpa air stapler for fast carton stapling
  • Budget hand stapler for securing carton tops
  • Bostitch trigger tacker that attaches tags to timber crates
  • Bostitch plier stapler for packing and parcels
  • Heavy duty staples in a range of sizes

Get in Touch With Us Today

If you’re looking for heavy duty staplers and staples, you can rely on TigerPak Packaging to provide high-quality products at affordable prices. Place your order online today or get in touch with our team to learn more about our desktop staplers and other staples supplies, available for delivery in Melbourne, Sydney and Australia wide.