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  1. Whiteboard Accessories
    Whiteboard Accessories

    Starting at $12.75

  2. Premium Whiteboard
    Premium Whiteboard

    Starting at $156.40

  3. Maxiflo Whiteboard Markers
    Maxiflo Whiteboard Markers

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  4. Artline 577 Markers
    Artline 577 Markers

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  5. Artline 500A Markers
    Artline 500A Markers

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Shop for Whiteboards in Sydney & Across Australia

At TigerPak Packaging, we stock a wide range of whiteboards and whiteboard markets wholesale to meet the needs of businesses across Australia. Simple to use, versatile and non-messy, our whiteboards are perfect for displaying important information as well as for meeting use. They can be quickly erased and reused for explanations, including math problems, exercises and discussion activities.

Why Choose TigerPak When You Need a Whiteboard Supplier?

We pride ourselves on our high-quality and durable whiteboard wholesale range. Our whiteboards are available in varying sizes to suit different needs and additionally come with a five year surface warranty. Whether you need premium whiteboards that are perfect for general office use or you need to stock up on accessories like erasers, spray cleaners and whiteboard markers wholesale, we can provide what you need.

Order our Whiteboards in Newcastle & Sydney Today

When it comes to purchasing whiteboards wholesale, there’s no better choice than TigerPak Packaging. Learn more today by browsing our range online or calling the #1 whiteboard supplier on 1300 525 325.