What Stretch Film Should I Use?

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What Stretch Film Should I Use?

There are many types of stretch wrap film. Each has qualities that are particularly suitable in addressing the specific needs of your stretch wrapping application, such as load size and type, performance requirements as well as budget. The following lists some of the most important types of stretch film, their attributes and applications.

Below are some of the most common types of stretch wrap film:

Cast Hand Stretch Film
Powerwrap HandStretch Film
Powerwrap Machine Film
PreStretch Film
Black Stretch Film
White Stretch Film
UV Resistant Stretch Film
Eco Stretch
Colour Tinted Stretch Films
Macro Perforated Stretch

Bundling Films

Cast Stretch Film

Cast stretch film also called cast film or cast wrap, is manufactured using the cast extrusion process. Typical characteristics of cast stretch films are: excellent optics, clear, glossy, superior tear resistance, quiet unwind, consistent cling and consistent film thickness.

Powerwrap Hand Stretch Film

Stretch film designed specifically to be applied manually is referred to as hand stretch film. It is also referred to as hand film, hand stretch wrap, hand wrap or pallet wrap. It is typically used in lower volume packaging operations. Powerwrap is a high quality film that will provide high stretchability and cling. Its excellent memory keeps holding grip on the load for stability. Other properties are tear & puncture resistant, high clarity for see through packaging and low noise application.

Powerwrap Machine Stretch Film

Stretch film designed to be applied with a stretch wrap machine is referred as machine stretch film. It provides many advantages over hand film including: faster and more efficient packaging, reduced packaging material costs, safer application, more secure and consistent loads and more. Powerwrap machine film is of the highest quality and consistency.

Prestretch Films

Prestretched film is film that is stretched during manufacturing so requires less effort to apply. Prestretch film benefits include: Reduced amount of film used, so film costs are greatly reduced, less packaging film means less waste to clear and dispose, lower chance of strain or injury and prestretched film is strong and consistent.

Black Stretch Films

Black stretch films are used in many applications where theft or privacy is an issue. Conceal valuable goods to deter theft and protect your goods from harmful UV light. Prevents fading.

White Stretch Film (UVI)

White stretch film is available in both hand and machine rolls and is of premium quality. Suitable for use on goods to be stored outdoors and this film has a UV inhibitor additive which prevents it breaking down in the suns rays. The pallet wrap is opaque white so is idea for use on valuable goods or where you don't want the light to fade the packaging of your products.

UV Resistant Stretch Film

Extra heavy duty stretch film specifically designed for wrapping heavy products such as building materials etc. Great for wrapping products to be stored outside and offers great clarity and stretchability. Available in both hand rolls and machine rolls.

Eco Stretch

Available in hand or machine rolls.100% degradable stretch fill is ultimately biodegradable. Will perform exactly as regular stretch film when applied. Eco Stretch incorporates TDPA® additives which cause plastics to degrade in soil or in a landfill environment leaving carbon dioxide (CO2), water (H2O) and biomass which are harmless and nontoxic.

Colour Tinted Stretch Films

High quality film. Has a tint of colour added in the manufacturing process. Great for pallet identification. Improves appearance of pallets. Use for facilitating stock rotation.

Macro Perforated Stretch Film

Available in hand and machine grade rolls. Easy to apply - just like normal stretch film. Ideal for palletizing products which need ventilation. Reinforced, macro perforated stretch film allows better cooling, quicker freezing and avoids overheating of your goods.

Bundling Films

A mini stretchwrap system which strongly binds your products together. Doesn't stick to products. Quick and easy to use with dispenser. Great for use on long items such as broom handles or lengths of pipe. Available in clear and black film.