8 Steps to Safely Handling Strapping

1Always Wear Safety Glasses & Gloves
Safety Icons
When operating a tool, wear eye, face and hand protection (cut-proof gloves). Use of safety footwear is recommended.
2Always Handle Coils Correctly
Handle Coils
Some rolls of strapping may weight up to 50kg. Always bend knees when lifting and get help when lifting over 25kg rolls.
3Always Read the Manual
Read the Manual
Before using any strapping, read the operating manual carefully and follow all manufacturers instructions.
4Always Cut Strap Correctly
Cut Strap
When cutting the strap hold the upper portion and stand safely away from the strap.
5Keep Hands Clear
Hands clear
Do not put your fingers into the tension wheel area. Do not put hands of other parts of the body between the strap and the package during the strapping process.
6Never Lift or Pull By Strap
Pull by Strap
Strap is not a lifting device but designed to secure the load. Serious injury and damage may occur should the strap break.
7Never Re-Use Strapping
Never reuse strap
Strapping should never be re-used as prior use may have damaged or weakened the strap. New strapping should be used at all times.
8Always Inspect Strap Seal
Inspect Strap
Any strapping system is only as strong as the weakest link. Always check strap seal to ensure correctly formed join. Re-do seal if in doubt.