Materials & Handling

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  1. Heavy Duty Plastic Crates
    Heavy Duty Plastic Crates

    Starting at $12.10

  2. Nally Container
    Nally Container

    Starting at $18.50

  3. Plastic Bins with dividers
    Plastic Bins with dividers

    Starting at $15.55

  4. Plastic Supra Bins
    Plastic Supra Bins

    Starting at $1.10

  5. Flatbed Platform
    Flatbed Platform

    Starting at $126.50

  6. Stock Picking Trolley
    Stock Picking Trolley

    Starting at $382.80

  7. HD 2 Tier Platform Trolley
    HD 2 Tier Platform Trolley

    Starting at $787.45

  8. Hand Trucks
    Hand Trucks

    Starting at $87.90

  9. Narrow Pallet Truck P200N
    Narrow Pallet Truck P200N

    Starting at $548.90

  10. Triple Deck Picking Trolley
    Triple Deck Picking Trolley

    Starting at $506.30

  11. Standard Pallet Truck P250
    Standard Pallet Truck P250

    Starting at $548.90

  12. Hydraulic Lift Table
    Hydraulic Lift Table

    Starting at $753.50

Items 1 to 12 of 26 Total

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Material Handling Equipment

Materials handling tasks can be sensitive and even dangerous, requiring great care to avoid safety risks and minimise damage to items. Fortunately, the use of specialised equipment can make materials handling more efficient as well as much simpler and safer. At TigerPak Packaging, we’re proud to offer the very best material handling solutions you can find. Whether you need pallet trucks for transporting loads from one location to another or cabinets for hazardous items, our material handling equipment suppliers and material handling equipment distributors have you covered.

Explore Our Range of Material Handling Solutions

Materials handling in Sydney involves more than just transporting items. It also encompasses the storage, control and protection of items throughout the entire manufacturing and distribution process. At TigerPak Packaging, we have no shortage of material handling equipment in Australia that covers all of these aspects, including transport equipment, positioning equipment, storage equipment and more.

The impressive range available from our material handling suppliers includes:

  • Pallet Trucks – Suitable for heavy lifting applications, our robust yet economical pallet trucks and hydraulic lift tables boast a lift capacity of 2,500kg and can be used in any warehouse environment.
  • Plastics Bins & Containers – Including heavy duty plastic crates that stack on top of each other, nally containers for storing products, various sized plastic bins with dividers, plastic supra bins for small and large components, and wheelie bins with sturdy wheels.
  • Trolleys – Our material handling distributors can provide you with flatbed platforms with folding handles, heavy duty hand trucks with safety chains and pneumatic tyres, height adjustable hydraulic lift tables for stacking and transferring goods, and more.
  • Dangerous Goods Cabinets – Including aerosol storage with 60 can capacity and bolt down plates, flammable liquids storage that can contain spills, and gas cylinder storage with pad-lockable doors.

Our material handling equipment supplier also stocks bunded pallets, plastic bins and crates, and cardboard part boxes. We also have a great range of extension, order picking and single sided step ladders. If you’ve been searching for the best warehouse supplies in Sydney, you’ve come to the right place for all your material handling supply needs.

Discuss Your Requirements with Us Today

When you need material handling equipment in Sydney, make TigerPak Packaging your first port of call. Contact Us today to learn more and discuss your requirements. Alternatively, you can easily place an order with us at your earliest convenience.