Protective Packaging

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  1. HexcelWrap

    Starting at $162.00

  2. Airwave Air Cushion Machine
    Airwave Air Cushion Machine

    Starting at $148.00

  3. Bubble Wrap Dispenser Box
    Bubble Wrap Dispenser Box

    Starting at $26.90

  4. EcoGreen Bubble
    EcoGreen Bubble

    Starting at $78.00

  5. Antistatic Bubble Wrap
    Antistatic Bubble Wrap

    Starting at $114.00

  6. Heavy Duty Bubble Wrap
    Heavy Duty Bubble Wrap

    Starting at $168.00

  7. Standard Bubble Wrap
    Standard Bubble Wrap

    Starting at $69.95

  8. Kraft Back Bubble Wrap
    Kraft Back Bubble Wrap

    Starting at $142.00

  9. Foil Backed Bubble Wrap
    Foil Backed Bubble Wrap

    Starting at $186.00

Items 1 to 9 of 54 Total

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Australia’s Premier Protective Packaging Stockists

Protective packaging materials are used primarily for safeguarding particular items used across a vast range of industries against different types of damage, including atmospheric, electrostatic, magnetic, shock and vibration. Typical protective packaging solutions are most beneficial when items are being transported or stored and will include vital protection factors such as electrical insulation, fireproofing, moisture or vapour guard, shock or vibration dampening, thermal insulation, and resistance to ultraviolet or weather damage. If you’re looking for the highest quality protective packaging measures in metropolitan Sydney and greater New South Wales, including products as diverse as silica desiccant, bubble wrap, furniture blankets and polyfoam, make sure you order from TigerPak.

High Quality Protective Packaging Solutions for All Industries

TigerPak Packaging is your one-stop shop for all your essential protective packaging products. With an array of protective packaging solutions conveniently located under the one roof, we can accommodate all your needs at a competitive price. From quilted furniture blankets and environmentally friendly wrapping paper through to anti-static bubble wrap plus so much more, we have got the ultimate protection for your products. Secure your goods for shipping in strong heavy duty corrugated cartons and boxes; we stock almost any size to fit your products perfectly. Can’t find the exact size from our stock list? Speak to us about cartons and other protective packaging supplies customised to your size in order to prevent costly and irreparable damage to your stock.

Sydney’s Preferred Retailer for Protective Packaging Materials

For more than 15 years, the protective packaging specialists at TigerPak have been meeting the diverse needs of businesses across a wide range of industries in Sydney and regional New South Wales. From pharmaceuticals and food refrigeration to furniture removalists and almost any job in between, you can operate with 100% confidence with the knowledge that TigerPak has the ideal protective packaging solutions for your line of work. Place your order with us online or over the phone by 5pm and we’ll even send your purchase that same day. For more information on any of our protective packaging products, contact our experienced team by phone or email today.