Water Activated Tape Systems

  • Environmentally friendly kraft paper tape with a water-activated starch-based adhesive.
  • Available in reinforced and non-reinforced options.
  • Automatic water activated tape dispenser with pre-set length options for quick and easy operation.
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Water Activated Tape Dispenser- Electric Add To Favourites
Water Activated Tape 70mm x 140m Reinforced Add To Favourites
10 Roll
Water Activated Tape 70mm x 140m Non-Reinforced Add To Favourites
8 Roll
Water Activated Tape 70mm x 305m Reinforced Add To Favourites
5 Roll
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At TigerPak Packaging, we’re proud to offer environmentally friendly solutions for our clients such as our water activated tape (WAT) made from kraft paper with a water-activated starch-based adhesive. Our water activated packaging tape is the perfect solution for companies looking to reduce their carbon footprint without compromising on quality or functionality. Made from renewable resources, our water activated kraft paper tape is fully recyclable, making it suitable for eco-conscious businesses.

As trusted water activated tape manufacturers, we offer our water activated kraft tape in two options: reinforced and non-reinforced. The reinforced water activated paper tape is designed for heavier packages and provides extra strength and durability, while the non-reinforced option is ideal for lighter packages.

Water Activated Tape Dispenser

In addition to stocking water activated packing tape, we also offer an automatic water activated kraft tape dispenser that makes packaging a breeze. With pre-set length options, our water activated tape dispenser allows for quick and easy operation for a more efficient packaging process.

Get What You Need Today

TigerPak Packaging is committed to providing clients in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane with high-quality and sustainable packaging solutions, including custom water activated tape options. Shop our range of water activated tape in Australia today!

Check our The Water Activate Tape Dispenser in action below: