Why Choose TigerPak for Your Servicing Needs?

Servicing Tigerpak

TigerPak Packaging is dedicated to providing customers with expert servicing and maintenance of equipment. With a dedicated servicing department, we’re able to manage any maintenance and breakdown issues you may encounter. Friendly, qualified and fully trained to complete on-site and workshop repairs with genuine parts and materials, we pride ourselves on our thorough and reliable maintenance services. Read on to find out why you should choose TigerPak Packaging for all your servicing needs.

Large Range of Spare Parts in Stock

We have a wide range of spare parts in stock. This means that no matter what part you need, you can rely on us to provide it promptly. We also have an experienced team with an excellent understanding of spare parts.

On-Site and Preventative Maintenance Service Programs

We offer on-site and preventative maintenance service programs to ensure your equipment remains reliable and efficient at all times. Our team provides easy-to-access and rapid issue resolution all while understanding and caring for your equipment.

Back-Up Loan Equipment Available

We’re happy to provide our customers with back-up loan equipment when theirs is being repaired. This is beneficial for those who require the equipment on a daily basis and can’t afford to be without it. Our team can offer back-up equipment for strapping, wrapping, sealing and taping equipment as well as other equipment types.

Reliable Equipment Servicing for All Makes and Models

We pride ourselves on providing fast yet thorough servicing for all different equipment makes and models. With a dedicated service department, we take a thorough approach when servicing equipment, taking everything apart to clean individual components before reassembling.

Just take a look at the photos below to discover the difference a service can make. These photos show a machine that was brought into us for its 6 month service. The first two images in particular show why regular maintenance is a top priority to ensure equipment remains in a safe and reliable working condition. If they don’t convince you, the ‘after’ photo surely will!

To learn more about our services in maintenance and servicing, contact TigerPak Packaging today.