Same-Day Dispatch Vs. Same-Day Delivery

At Tigerpak, we offer topnotch service to our customers and one of these services is our commitment to same-day dispatch and same-day delivery. However, identifying the difference between these two concepts can often be quite tricky to understand. In this blog post we will break down these great logistic processes and show you the advantages and disadvantages of each.


Offering same-day dispatch to our customers means that we ensure your goods are packed and ready to go on the current day you place your order. However, this does not guarantee that your goods will be delivered on the same day they are dispatched. Rather, it ensures you will receive your order sooner rather than later and significantly reducing your waiting time. 


On the contrary, same-day delivery guarantees that your order will be packed and shipped to your delivery address on the current day you place your order. At Tigerpak we make two major deliveries in the morning and afternoon that ensure our customers are guaranteed their goods on the same day*. However, there is a slightly higher freight charge for priority shipping to accustom for the labour involved in getting your order delivered as soon as possible.

Why do we offer both services?

Offering both these services to our customers makes us the go-to preference for your packaging needs and reflects our commitment to ‘Going the Extra Mile’. We know that you can’t dispatch your goods without our packaging so we aim to overcome the logistical challenges involved in same-day dispatch & delivery to ensure our customers are satisfied.


For more information on our delivery conditions, visit our Terms & Conditions.


*Same Day Delivery is only available for Sydney & Melbourne Metro Areas