PaperWave - Ditch the Plastic & Go Green Today!

PaperWave is pushing the boundaries for eco-friendly, void-vill packaging, winning the 2022 German Packaging Award for Sustainability!

How has PaperWave achieved this?

Paperwave has filled the gap in the market by becoming the perfect alternative for commercial and plastic products such as bubble bags and bubble-wrap. The material is completely biodegradable - consisting of 85% recycled paper and an ultra-thin layer of compostable sealant film made of corn starch. Common, plastic void-fill products end up in land-fill or in our waterways, which is extremely toxic for the environment - especially if consumed by local wildlife.

How do I use it?

PaperWave is uniquely designed for easy functionality and transportation anywhere. It’s as simple as inserting the PaperWave roll of choice and selecting ’start’ or ’stop’ on the large touch-pad. Making it the perfect product for the high-speed packaging required everyday.

How long does PaperWave take to Decompose?

In the mere span of 8 weeks, PaperWave packaging entirely decomposes without any trace of micro plastics! It can be disposed in your regular, recycling-waste system or even in the compost bin. PaperWave is even degradable in marine environments, if ever mistakenly ending up in water or sewage systems. The product bears the RESY mark as well as the sorting-aid-symbol (according to DIN 6120). This makes it very easy for the consumer to decide on the correct recycling bin at disposal.

As a leading packaging company in Australia it is our responsibility to uphold our values to protect the environment and provide eco-friendly alternatives to our customers. By choosing Paperwave our customers can contribute to reducing the amount of packaging products that end up in our landfill and work towards a healthier environment for everyone.

Ditch the Plastic and make the Smart Choice by choosing Paperwave!

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