Important Packaging Safety Tips for Every Employee

Protective Gear

It’s important to remain safe while working in a warehouse or manufacturing environment. This is because there are many surrounding hazards and a higher risk of injury. Sometimes it’s easy to neglect the best safety practices because it takes extra time or effort, but a little extra time is always worth it to avoid injury. Read on to discover four packaging safety tips to keep you working safely.

Put on Protective Wear

Protective wear provides safety for employees by reducing a worker’s exposure to dangerous hazards such as airborne matter, chemicals, electricity, heat and biohazards. Hard hats are useful for protecting an employee’s head from falling objects, while safety goggles can secure the eyes from debris or work that involves heavy duty tools. It’s also important to protect the lungs from dust, fumes, paint spray, pesticides and other dangerous substances that could cause permanent impairment, necessitating the use of respiratory protection in environments with air contaminants.

Choose the Right Handling Gloves

A great deal of caution needs to be taken when handling different materials in a warehouse or manufacturing environment, which is why gloves are such an essential item for providing skin protection. Some examples of gloves that are commonly worn include rubber gloves, cut-resistant gloves, chainsaw gloves and heat-resistant gloves. Gloves allow you to avoid hazards usually involved when working with chemicals, glass, sheet metal, electricity, hot materials, slippery objects and move.

Protect Your Back When Lifting Heavy Objects

It’s important to protect your back when wrapping pallets or heavy objects in order to avoid serious injury. Start by testing the load, as an object that’s heavier than expected is more likely to cause stress. Use slow and smooth movements by bending your knees and entering into a squat position. It’s also a good idea to keep the object close to your body. Lastly, if the object is too heavy, ask an employee for help to make the weight more balanced.

Reduce Warehouse Hazards

In order to manage the safety of a warehouse environment, it’s important to increase the awareness of the hazards that are present. Educate employees of the dangers of operating heavy equipment and ensure they understand the importance of proper lifting methods and taking breaks when necessary. In the long run, these factors can help to prevent injury. For more packaging safety tips and solutions when working in a warehouse, contact TigerPak Packaging today.