How TigerPak Packaging Assisted the AAD

How TigerPak Assisted the Australian Antarctic Division

TigerPak Packaging recently provided our first-class services to the Australian Antarctic Division (AAD) and the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF), who required our prompt assistance. The RAAF has been testing new methods to get supplies delivered from the air to Casey Station, one of the research outposts the Australian Antarctic Division operates from. The AAD contacted TigerPak Packaging with their urgent request. As always, we were able to work within the quick turnaround time (under 1 hour!) that was required. Now, That’s Service!

There are various factors as to why this endeavour was successful. Read on to find out how our high-quality strapping and stretch film was up to the task, and how it can be beneficial for other organisations as well.

Our Steel Strap and Film Can Survive Extreme Conditions

Naturally, Antarctica has some very extreme freezing weather conditions, and therefore the steel strap and film required to hold the supplies in place while they’re in the air must be particularly durable. Think about it; these heavy supplies are being dropped from a plane that’s very high up in the air, so it’s vital that they’re fully secured even in the calmest weather conditions.

When supplies are being delivered to an environment with extreme conditions such as Antarctica, they must be secured with extra strong steel strap and film. The RAAF understood this, which is why they needed the most durable type of steel strap and film available for the job. TigerPak Packaging delivered the steel strap and film that was needed for this task, ensuring a successful delivery of supplies to the research outpost.

Enquire About Our Products for Your Supply Deliveries

The RAAF benefited from the strapping and stretch film we provided to successfully complete their supply delivery, and your company can take advantage of our products as well. If you need advice and high-quality products for aerial deliveries or to keep contents secure, get in touch with TigerPak Packaging today – one of Australia’s leading steel strapping and packaging suppliers. Call us now on 1300 525 325, email [email protected] or enquire online.


Images courtesy of AAD