Eco-Friendly Packaging for a Greener Future

Many companies these days are following eco-friendly practices, including using sustainable packaging options. TigerPak Packaging is committed to using innovative eco-friendly methods that reduce our company’s carbon footprint and the plastic waste that goes into landfills or the ocean. Our Eco Stretch Film, is available in hand and machine rolls and incorporates TDPA ® additives which cause plastics to degrade in soil or in a landfill environment leaving carbon dioxide, water and biomass which are harmless and non-toxic.

We’re especially proud of our Green Focus program, which outlines steps we’re taking to reduce our impact while also providing our environmentally conscious customers with sustainable packaging options. Our staff are continuously sourcing and adding new environmentally-friendly products to our packaging range so we can meet our customers’ inclination for eco-friendly packaging options.

What TigerPak Aims to Achieve With Our Green Focus Program

  • Be in accordance with relevant environmental statutes, regulations, planning policies and schemes
  • Continually improve our work by complying with our fixed environmental goals and benchmarks
  • Establish environmental management initiatives that will be evaluated, managed and kept up-to-date
  • Integrate progressive and environmentally friendly processes with our organisation’s business strategies and management procedures
  • Stop pollution and waste by following responsible resource management methods
  • Develop any of our business practices that negatively impact the environment by liaising with our customers, suppliers and other shareholders
  • Educate our staff on environmentally friendly business practices and technology

Our Eco Icons to Watch Out For

TigerPak Packaging understands that in order to move forward, we also have to educate and persuade our customers to be more conscious of responsible environmental practices. Keep your eye out for either of the below eco logos placed on some of our product packaging.

Degradable Products

Packaging with the blue Eco Degradable logo will eventually bio-degrade and will act as a major factor in reducing soil and ground water contamination.

Recyclable Products

The recyclable products made at our warehouse, such as papers and plastics, are designed to be simple to manage and recycle for further use. 

Oxo - Biodegradable Stretch Film

At TigerPak Packaging we are proud of our new cutting-edge 100% Oxo-biodegradable stretch film that has many different applications and is made from renewable materials. We stock options available in both hand and machine roll options.

The plastic materials our stretch film is made from will degrade when the film is placed in soil or a landfill, as it utilises TDPA additives. These additives produce carbon dioxide, water and biomass, which are substances that are completely harmless and non-toxic.

Enquire About Our Eco-Friendly Packaging Today

If you want more information on our sustainable packaging options, please get in touch with TigerPak Packaging today by calling 1300 525 325, emailing [email protected] or enquiring online.

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