Becoming Carbon Neutral - How FLÖTER is leading in sustainable packaging!

AirWave BioWave & PaperWave are certified Climate Neutral

FLÖTER's Airwave BioWave & PaperWave products have been announced as certified Carbon Neutral ! This is a leading example of how packaging companies, such as FLÖTER are taking huge steps in the right direction for a more sustainable future.

So what exactly is carbon Neutrality?

Climate Neutrality refers to the act of balancing our own carbon emissions to the emissions that get absorbed by the planets natural ‘sinks’ - such as forests and oceans. Therefore, achieving zero greenhouse gas emissions, as they get absorbed by the earth through natural processes. Climate action needs to be undertaken in order to achieve this level of carbon neutrality.

How has FLÖTER achieved this?

FLÖTER'S Airwave BioWave & PaperWave is in partnership with Climate Partner to protect forests in Brazil through the use of wind-powered electricity. These preserved forests absorb large amounts of CO2 produced by stakeholders.

On-top of FLÖTER'S climate actions, the Airwave’s BioWave & PaperWave are entirely compostable within the span of 8 weeks and made from recycled sources.

By switching to Airwave’s sustainable packaging your business can support the worldwide goal of zero greenhouse gas emissions by the year 2050 and ultimately achieve carbon neutrality.

Read more about FLÖTER's climate action here


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